5 Magical Tips for Designing Kids’ Rooms

decorate child room with letters

Designing kids’ bedrooms can be a decorative trap – we’re often persuaded by children’s current obsessions with colors, cartoon heroes and sports teams to theme their bedrooms in a way that might well have dated before you have even added the finishing touches.

However, there are easy ways to do it these days, courtesy of slots online real money.

Add graphics 

Whether you do it through wallpapers, decals or the plain old paint and brush, adding graphics can brighten up your kid’s room. Graphics add zest to a particular setting, and according to the method you choose, they can fit various budgets too. Pick a cheerful theme and incorporate some of your child’s favourite motifs, animals or cartoon characters. That said, kids grow up fast and so do their tastes. So opt for something that won’t be embarrassing just in a year or two.

Get creative with storage

It’s always practical to incorporate tons of storage in your kid’s room. Get creative and inculcate the storage pieces into the decor. Make appealing, functional choices such as a cabinet that blends with the theme of the room or a sleek, moveable storage cart. Colourful baskets and chests are another option to house frequently used toys and clothes. Opt for beds with shelves and drawers underneath to tuck away linen, toys and other odds and ends. This will keep all the clutter out of sight.

Colour it up

Picking a peppy colour scheme will go a long way in bringing that upbeat, youthful vibe to your kid’s room. Do up the room in your child’s favourite colors or pick any palette that has two or three primary or pastel shades. Use colorful bedspreads, blinds, rugs and wall panels to brighten up your kid’s room and give it a distinctive flavour. Be sure to balance out bold colours with spots of soothing neutrals for a pleasing visual.

Smart shelving 

Open shelves are a smart storage solution for your kid’s room. While they keep things out of reach of younger children, they also help you display various decor pieces in the room. As an added benefit, being off the floor they hardly take up any space at all. You can get creative with the placement of the shelves – stack them up in staggered arrangements to add interest to your walls, according to experts from best payout casino.

Focus on play

To create a room your little one will love, try focusing on the thing they love to do most: play! Boasting an indoor swing, a ball pit, and a whimsical house-frame bed, this sweet Instagram gem puts an emphasis on fun without sacrificing style.

Keep little hands and minds busy

If you have the space, a kid-friendly work area is a must. Providing your child with a place to colour and create will not only keep them busy but may also help with their physical and mental development. When your child is older, a personal workspace can come in handy, offering a quiet place to study and do homework.

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