How can you estimate the number of solar panels required to power your home?

You’ll need two things to determine the approximate number of solar panels that you will need. These are your energy consumption and the amount of energy your panels produce. For Solar Panel Installers Portishead, visit

  1. Calculate the energy consumption of your home
  2. Consider the size of your roof and how much sunlight your house receives
  3. Estimate the size of your system by calculating the yield of solar panels available in your area
  4. You should check the wattage of any panels that you are considering purchasing
  5. Divide the solar panel wattage by the wattage of your system.

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Common Household Appliances and Their Electricity Consumption

You should also consider your energy consumption. A household that only has common appliances, such as a fridge, dishwasher, and stove, will use less electricity than one with a heated pool, central AC, hot tub, and an electric vehicle.

This will increase your energy consumption dramatically, so you’ll need to buy more solar panels in order to offset it. Make a list of your appliances and other systems as you plan the home solar system. This will ensure that everything is included in your final design.

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Solar Panel Specific Yield

You’ll need to determine the number of kWh produced by your solar panels in a given year after determining how much electricity you use annually. The amount of electricity you produce will vary depending on the type of solar panels, your roof and local peak sunlight hours.

The solar industry uses “specific production”, which is the annual kWh produced per kilowatt installed. The amount of sunshine available at your location will have a large impact on the specific yield.

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