There are many ways to paint a bedroom  but, without doubt, the most logical and functional, is to paint it with a relaxing color. Since the bedroom is the room where we relax and rest and we have to create an environment conducive to it. Do not you think?

Luckily, by taking a look at the color circle, we can see exactly which colors are relaxing and which are not .

The colors that are in the cold part are relaxing, those that are in the hot part are not. If you want to see more details about the color circle and what it tells us about colors you can do it here. And to see the 22 most relaxing colors to paint a bedroom , you can continue reading. We start!




A medium blue tone. Blue is the most relaxing color we can use to paint a bedroom. We could look at the chromatic circle for its shades and nuances. Choose any of them with closed eyes to paint the bedroom and still paint the room with a relaxing color.

Light blue tone

As I said before, it does not matter what shade of blue we choose to achieve a relaxing environment. All of them are worth.

Medium green tone The second most relaxing color, almost elbow with blue is the color green. Practically the same as blue, green in almost all its shades and nuances is a relaxing, cold color. Perfect to achieve a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or anywhere we put it. Especially these 5 shades of green that we have selected. Starting the first, the one above this paragraph.

Light olive green

Elegant, serene and full of life, green is another color that makes it very easy to achieve a relaxing bedroom.

The turquoise color is a mixture or combination of green and blue colors. So undoubtedly is another relaxing color to paint a bedroom. It is true that since it is a semi-saturated color, it releases a lot of energy and excess paint can be burdensome. But well added, it creates undoubtedly relaxing spaces. Above these lines we see an example.

The purple color is made of the mixture of red plus blue. As I said before, blue is a relaxing color cold part of the circle. While red is a warm non-relaxing color hot part of the circle; thus, the purple tones that are most relaxing are those in which the mixture of blue. And red, has been more blue, resulting in shades of mauve or lilac, very relaxing colors. Especially if they are combined with white.


The gray color is an anticolor or the neutral color par excellence. Does not express much, leaving neutral finishes. To take advantage of this color and make it a relaxing color. We need to support it or combine it with the right colors; especially white. If combined with white, we can add practically any shade of gray, which will create not only a relaxing bedroom. But also sophisticated and very up-to-date. Like the one we see above in this paragraph, or these we can contemplate below.

The pink color stick, although it is a very soft color and has little saturation, is not a relaxing color in itself. But it creates an atmosphere so enveloping, soft and pleasant. That I had to put it on this list of the most relaxing colors for a bedroom.

The colors that we have just seen are relaxing. Because, as I said before, they are in the cold part of the chromatic circle (except the pink), not because I say so. The circle is a great guide to interpret colors for any project we need.

Obviously, there are many other colors that create serene and calm environments, such as sand, beige and brown tones. But they are not in the cold part of the circle, but in the hot part, which tells us of them, which are warm colors. This does not mean that they can not be painted with them and achieve a relaxing atmosphere, but they are not the most effective. The most relaxing colors for a bedroom are those that we have just seen; or, at least, a good part of them.

And if you want to learn a lot about colors. Besides having a lot of fun and having one of the favorite bedside books of many decorators and lovers of this world, I highly recommend Eva Heller’s wonderful book Psychology of Color :

Book, Color psychology

I thought I knew a lot about colors, but this book has opened my eyes and now I look at them in another way, more cultivated, more professional and also more fun and curious.

It is a book that will provide you with an enormous amount of information about colors, but not only about its practical use, but also about things such as the manipulation and healing of people through colors, their use in the design of products, stories, anecdotes and much more.

It is a fundamental tool for all those people who work with colors: artists, therapists, graphic and industrial designers, interior designers, architects, fashion designers, publicists, or anyone who is curious by nature. A very, very entertaining, didactic and informative book.

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