How to make your home more accessible

There are instances where some individuals need to consider ways in which they can make their homes more accessible. This could be as a result of their mobility reducing as they age, or through injury or illness. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved and it will depend on what your requirements are as to which ones you choose.

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Safety equipment – these pieces of equipment are designed to help you with everyday tasks that can include everything from bathing to your overall mobility. Examples include step handles, guard rails and walking frames. These are often used by people who need extra support throughout the day. There are companies that can rent these pieces of equipment on a temporary basis if they are required for a short period of time. In instances when they may be needed long term, they can be bought or sourced from a number of organisations including the NHS directly. This will of course depend on the requirements of the individual.

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Gates – There is a growing interest in having a gate fitted to the home. Primarily. This is for security reasons but it is also possible to aid the accessibility of the home to the owner. Thumbprint locking, electronic opening and closing are all options that are available. They can be installed by Electric Gate Installers such as who will be able to talk you through the options that are available to you and also support you with any regular maintenance and service checks that may be needed. Gates can be fitted in a number of locations such as entrances to garage driveways or at the top of long driveways that lead down to a property front.

Automation – technology has developed to a point where we can control so many elements of our daily lives from our mobile phones or from central systems such as Alexa units. This means that it is much easier to turn on your lights, your heating, or even set your home alarm, without having to be physically mobile, or even in the property to do so. The electric gates mentioned above are another example of automation technology and how they can support those with limited mobility.

All of these examples help to demonstrate that even though someone may have mobility issues, it doesn’t mean that technology can’t be used to allow them to be as independent as possible.

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