Three Things to Do to Give you Peace of Mind on your Summer Holiday

Summer is on the way and that means that many of us are looking forward to going away on holiday. However, when we do this, it is important that we ensure that our homes are safe whilst we are away – here are three things to think about to protect your peace of mind before going away on holiday this summer…

Burglary – When you go on holiday and your home is empty it is important to know how to keep it safe from burglars. A few things that you can do include installing burglar alarms and security lighting. Cameras are also a great way to keep an eye on your home, as they can be linked to your phone so you can check from anywhere in the world! You should also avoid the temptation to post holiday plans and photos on social media, as many burglars find out which houses are empty this way. Getting someone to visit your home whilst you are away and do things like putting bins out and collecting post will also stop your home from appearing empty.

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Fire – This is something that can cause a huge amount of damage and is heartbreaking if you have a fire at home. Before you go away, reduce your fire risk by looking into the ways that you can reduce fire and ensure that your fire alarms are working. Companies like this fire risk assessment Bristol based company will be able to help with this. You should also turn off all electrical items before going away to prevent the risk of a fire happening this way.

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Pets – Our pets are a part of the family, and we need to know that they are going to be safe whilst we are on our holidays. Look into the options available before you go and speak to other pet owners and your vet if you have concerns and get advice on what you can do with your pets. Boarding kennels and catteries are secure places for your pets to go whilst you are away, and you should go and visit them beforehand so you can get an idea of how they operate and whether they would suit your pet. Another option is to use a pet house sitting service – this has the added bonus of meaning someone is at your home, so your risk of burglary is reduced.

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