10 white armchairs to add the trend of 2023 in your home

10 white armchairs to add the trend of 2023 in your home

White armchairs have become one of the most important decoration trends of the year and best of all, they adapt to any interior design style.

Decorative trends are usually the ones that dictate the way in the world of interior design and white armchairs have been one of the most recent trends that are here to stay. It can be applied to any taste and style of interior design thanks to the fact that there is an enormous variety that ensures that there is one for each style.

There are several factors that influence white armchairs to become a trend, to start with white and neutral colors have always been cataloged as tones that generate calm in spaces and help create a clean or organized environment. But although these colors are always used in elements such as painting the walls or furniture. on coffee tables or bookcases, they are rarely found on an armchair, as it is believed to be a “dirty” color and it would be impossible to keep it clean all the time.

That is why the most important thing to incorporate this trend into your home is to lose your fear of white armchairs and dare to experiment with shapes to create a unique space with that tone as the central element. That is why we have listed 10 armchairs that will surely inspire you to lose your fear and experiment with the new trend of white armchairs.

Elegant spaces

The white color will be your best tool to transform your room and create an elegant space. Opt for an armchair with straight, clean lines, as well as gold-colored accessories. You can also play with the patterns on the cushions to break with the color block and give the space an original touch.

As in the clouds

The curvy couch or curved armchairs are part of the most important trends of the year and by combining this armchair silhouette with the color white, a look that seems angelic and modern is created. There is a wide variety of shapes and silhouettes of curvy couch that will help you give dynamism to your space, enjoy your rest in the clouds!

Cozy textiles

In addition to color, an important factor when choosing a white armchair is the textile that covers it, since it depends on the use that will be given to it. As for the variety of textiles for white armchairs, you can choose soft and comfortable fabrics or fabrics that are a little simpler and without movement. But if what you are looking for is comfort and creating a cozy atmosphere to counteract the minimalist look, fun, cozy and very soft textiles are ideal for you since they create an armchair that will look like clouds, ideal for comfort. Avoid plastic or slippery fabrics.

For one person

The idea of ​​a big white armchair is a bit overwhelming and although you have to put fear aside , you can also apply this trend on a smaller scale. Choose a small reading chair or individual armchair where the color white becomes the center of attention. In this way, a neutral touch is subtly incorporated.

Perfect for minimalismPerfect for minimalism white armchairs

Obviously, the white color is ideal for a minimalist space since it leaves aside all the distracting elements and focuses on the silhouette of the armchair. Incorporating a white armchair in a minimalist home may sound like a perfect idea but it is a bit more complicated than that since it is necessary to add details such as a coffee table or a rug that helps to separate the spaces and make the armchair stand out without effort.

Including natural materials

Depending on the interior design style of your home, a perfect idea to incorporate a white armchair into your home is to accompany it with natural materials and textiles that add touches of color. Add blankets in neutral tones such as beige or brown, play with decorative cushions, or choose a silhouette that already includes a wooden base to help highlight the color.

Large modular blocks

The “L” or modular armchairs have been a trend for many years since the versatility of the furniture allows creating personalized and fluid spaces. White is the perfect addition to this lounge chair silhouette as it creates neutral blocks in much cleaner spaces.

Using the contrast

But if minimalism is not your thing, you do not have to worry because you can use the contrast in your favor. Position a white couch against black cushions or even rugs in vibrant colors like green or yellow. In this way, the contrast of colors and patterns is played with, leaving aside the idea that white is boring or can only be used in minimalist spaces.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor armchairs can also benefit from the color white, specifically in gardens or terraces with nature. The combination of the blue of the water and the green of the plants with the white of the armchair will create a completely relaxing space that will transport you to the beach without having to leave your home.

For an open-concept

Finally, loft-style or open-concept spaces have also come to revolutionize the industry, but the furniture does not always adapt to it. There are armchairs designed for open houses where the armchair is much lower than a normal one and can be adjusted depending on where you want the armchair to be oriented. The ideal color is white as it does not create visual noise and is perfect for designing quiet spaces where light and energy can flow unhindered.

The most important thing to introduce a white armchair in your home is to lose your fear and if stains are what worry you, there are a large number of protective methods that ensure simple cleaning that will keep your armchair always white and bright.

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