How to segment your customer types

Once you KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER profiles and you have found ways to work with software such as those from to ensure you are checking customer identity, if needed in your business sector, you can start to look how you can market to them more effectively.

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Within each business there may be a number of different customer types of avatars and each of these may need to be marketed to in a different way. In order to look at the different customer avatars you need to segment your customer types. There are a number of different ways that you can do this including the following:

Geographically – if you operate nationally or internationally you may be able to segment your customers based on their geographic region. This is particularly important if you operate in countries that have different values and marketing habits than your other locations.

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Age – if you have a number of products or services that appeal to different age ranges this can be another useful way to segment your customers. In some cases this can then help you to look at ways you can market these products to the different age ranges.

Buying habits – in some cases the people that buy your products may have different buying habits from others within your business. This could mean that you have different buying journeys and understanding this will help you to look at and assess how effective your sales journeys and conversions are.

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