How to remove mildew stains from clothes?

The appearance of mold stains on clothes can result from several factors, including humidity in the closet or the walls of our room. Cotton garments and other organic materials are a perfect source of food for the appearance of mold. So, we should take special care with these clothes if we want to prevent this from happening.

But, if the humidity has impregnated your clothes and you want to know how to remove mildew stains from clothes, in this article we show you some very effective tricks.

How to remove mildew stains from clothes?

How to remove mildew stains from clothes

The mildew stains on clothing are very harmful, not only for your clothes but also for you. They can cause rashes on your skin, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms. One way to recognize mold stains before seeing them is through the smell.

When the mold spots are large, the clothes give off a strong, almost unbearable moisture smell. So it is important that you control the humidity of your home and avoid the appearance of these spots. In addition, mold can be seen with the naked eye.

A very effective way to remove mold stains from white clothes is to soak the garment with water and bleach.

  • Add half a cup of bleach to each liter of water and stir well.
  • Leave the garment to soak for one or two hours, depending on the greatness of the stain.
  • After this time, wash the clothes as you would normally.

It is important that you do not mistakenly introduce colored clothing. Otherwise, it could fade.

How to remove mold stains on colored clothing

The vinegar is another very effective product to remove mold stains clothing color. In addition, it is a potent remedy against the bad smell produced by mold.

  • Take a bucket or any other container.
  • Add one cup of white vinegar for each liter of water and stir well.
  • Then put soiled clothes in soak for one or two hours.
  • Once this time has passed, wash clothes with detergent as you usually do.
    If the stain continues, repeat the process.

Remove mold from delicate clothes

If you prefer to try other home remedies to remove mildew stains from clothing with more natural products, you can do so with borax.

  • You can buy detergent with borax and wash your clothes with it and hot water or buy borax powder.
  • Add half a cup of borax powder for each liter of water.
  • Leave the soiled garment to soak for an hour.
  • It is necessary that the water is very hot.
  • After an hour, wash the garment as usual.

Remove mold from cotton clothes

Remove mold from cotton clothes

For small mold spots of cotton clothing, you can do:

Vinegar and baking soda for mold

Mix it with vinegar and baking soda and spread it over the mold stain of the clothes. Let it act for about ten minutes and rub it with a brush in gentle circular motions. Then, wash the garment as usual.

Lemon and salt for mold

Another option for not very large mold spots is to mix the lemon juice with a little salt to form a paste and apply the solution on the stain. Let it dry and absorb the mold spores. Then, wash the garment as usual. For fabrics such as cotton or polyester, this is a very effective remedy, but with more delicate fibers, it can damage clothes.

Remove mold from leather

To remove mold stains on leather clothes, the first thing you should do is rub the stain with a soft bristle brush. Then, leave the garment in a place where the sun gives it to dry. Then, you can remove the mold stain with bactericidal soap and water or alcohol.

To remove the stains of mold from the leather with alcohol, you must add in equal parts denatured alcohol and water in a container and submerge a cloth. Gently rub the stain with the wet cloth and let dry the leather garment.

Remove mold in leather shoes

The appearance of mold spots is also common in leather shoes. To fight them, you will need to mix vinegar and water in equal parts. Moisten a cloth with the solution and gently rub the mildew stains. For suede shoes, use a suede cleaner and follow the instructions on the product.

Mold stains are difficult to remove, but with these home remedies you will surely have no problems and you will eliminate them. Try some of these processes and say goodbye to the mold stains on your clothes.

Carefully read the labels of clothes stained with mold to know the washing conditions. Remember to use latex or nitrile gloves when putting into practice any process for greater safety.

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