10 colors to paint the walls of your house and their meaning

colors to paint the walls

If you are thinking about painting the walls of your house, but you still can’t decide which color to choose, here are 10 colors and their meaning so you know which ones will work best in the different rooms. Find colors that provide energy to your home by following the tips below.

Warm colors: yellow, red and orange

These colors and their derivatives are stimulating and happy colors, which will give the sensation of a happy and vibrant home.

Cold colors: blue-green and purple

On the contrary, warm colors help to give a feeling of peace and tranquility in your home. But these shades make space feel smaller. With the above information, now let’s get started!

1. Redcolors to paint the walls

The red color is very happy and can cause excitement. For this reason, it is recommended to use it in moderation to paint the walls of your house. It gives a lot of energy, but you should be careful to use it very little so that it is not violent. Avoid using it in the kitchen and bedrooms. In earth tones, the atmosphere is a little warmer.

2. Orangecolors to paint the walls

The orange color can bring a lot of energy and vitality to your home, but I recommend using a salmon tone so that the walls do not look too saturated.

3. Yellowcolors to paint the walls

This color also brings vitality to your home, even a little strength. I recommend using it in studios or rooms where you want your creativity to flow. This color will also help give a lot of energy to rooms that are dark or small.

4. Greencolors to paint the walls

This color reflects a lot of calm and freshness, but in an intense tone, it can be more energetic. It is said to be the color of plenty and will bring money to your home, but I recommend using modern and moderate tones such as olive or pastel colors if you decide to take it to your bedroom or living room.

5. Dark green

The dark green color (eye, not intense), is related to health and youth. So that your house does not look darker, I recommend putting it in corridors or bright rooms where the color can be balanced.

6. Deep bluecolors to paint the walls

This shade expresses a lot of calm, making it ideal for use in rooms where you want to relax. The bad thing about this color is that it makes the spaces look smaller, but if you don’t want to paint the walls with this color, you can add accessories that complement the decoration.

7. Light blue

This shade is much easier to use since it reflects a lot of calm, stillness, and harmony. The Bad: It’s a bit difficult to match, but white is a great option.

8. Purple

If you are a fan of purple, I am sorry to tell you that it is not the most recommended color to paint the walls of your house. This color produces sadness, and mystery so better opts for small details.

9. Lilaccolors to paint the walls

This is another of the colors to paint the walls of your house that is widely used but differs from purple, the lilac color can become less conflictive, in fact, it helps to avoid relationship problems. If you want to get a spiritual part out of you, add it in corridors that connect different rooms in your house or between a room and a bathroom.

10. Rosa

The pink tones evoke tenderness and tranquility, but like the azure blue, it is a bit difficult to combine, especially if you live with your partner. Children’s rooms are perfect to add this color and give them calm. So pink is one of the colors to paint the walls of your house that can work very well.

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