10 tips to decorate your house

tips to decorate your house

If you want to decorate your house and do not want to complicate yourself too much, here are 10 easy and cheap tips that will help you.

More space in the bathroomtips to decorate your house

If it’s too small, you can make it look wider by painting the walls and floor the same color or putting the same tiles on both surfaces. On the contrary, if you use tiles of different shades, especially with striped designs, it will appear narrower. If you also place a large mirror above the sink, occupying almost the entire wall, the feeling of spaciousness will increase.

The kitchen, in a triangletips to decorate your house

If possible, try to arrange your kitchen layout in three points, forming a triangle. The vertices are the cooking and dish preparation area, the product storage area, and the food handling area (where we peel, wash, cut …). It is a way to have everything at hand and make work easier.

Plants in the kitchentips to decorate your house

To give a different touch to your kitchen, place plants where they do not hinder when cooking. In addition to enlivening the environment, you will avoid the smells of frying and stews permeating the surface.

Large objects

When the budget is tight and you have little furniture, try to fill the spaces with large objects. You’ll find sizable vases, large baskets, and other high-volume decorative items at a good price.

Play with colorstips to decorate your house

To get a bedroom with personality and at the same time easy to redecorate, try to choose neutral and light tones for large surfaces (walls, cabinets, ceiling, bedspreads …) and combine them with touches of color in accessories such as cushions, blankets or lamps. So, when you get tired of the decoration and want to give the room another air, you only have to choose a different color or pattern for the accessories, which are very easy to replace. And it is cheaper.

Wide hallways

The long and narrow ones are a problem in the decoration of a house because they give a dingy aspect. One way to make the corridor appear wider than it actually is and at the same time get more light is to install a row of light focal points on the ceiling and alternately orient them to one wall or the other.

Exact measurements

To keep the living room in harmony, the key is that the measurements of the dining table are exact. To calculate them, remember that behind each chair you must leave a free space of 70 to 90 centimeters. This way, your guests will be able to sit and get up comfortably and you won’t have the feeling that the furniture is piled up in a small space.

Place the boxes

To decorate one of the living room walls with different pictures, install them at different heights. In this way, you will dress the surface while maintaining balance. If, on the other hand, you have collections of engravings or paintings of the same format, it is preferable that you place them symmetrically (at the same height both vertically and horizontally) to print order to the environment.

Reading cornertips to decorate your house

You can allocate a small area for reading, for example in the living room, by placing a trunk under the window. You can put cushions on it and use it to sit down to read and keep books and magazines inside.

Sails, allies

They can completely change the appearance of a room according to its shapes and colors or where you place them: the traditional herringbone-shaped ones located in the living room or the comedian add an elegant touch; scented candles bring warmth to bedrooms and bathrooms; the ones made with various colored wax blocks are perfect anywhere you want to give a happy touch. If you put any of them in a transparent vase with sand, colored marbles or stones, you will add your personal stamp.

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