10 letter decoration ideas: How to decorate a written letter?

letter decoration ideas

When it comes to creating original decorations and with very simple materials. The letters of the alphabet have always been great allies. Either uppercase or lowercase, italic or individually. A group of letters can be the key to adding a great personality to space.

Here, we discovered many years ago a great love towards letters, both at a decorative level and at other levels. Today we want to share with you part of that love and what we have achieved thanks to it. Whether you want to cover a wall simply and beautifully. If you want to make a beautiful gift to someone, then we will give you 10 easy and simple letter decoration ideas. Keep reading: 5 styles of decoration that will catch you

10 letter decoration ideas

Let’s see the 10 most practical ideas to decorate those places where you no longer know what to place. As you’ll see later; It is not always advisable to use this letter we have just created. It is advisable to rely on a more solid design, but it is still as simple to achieve.

1. Decorate the facade of your house

Decorate the facade

For this project, we do not recommend using cardboard letters. Because the facade of your house receives not only the sun’s rays but other inclement weather like rain and even snow; It is best to use a much stronger material.

For this decoration, we recommend using wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel, tiles, or ceramic inscriptions. Each of these materials offers what the cardboard and decorative layer do not offer: durability. The letters with tile mosaics are the most economical way; You could also take advantage of a particular occasion and use the most durable material, which is wrought iron.

For this case, talk to the person in charge of installing your fences, fences, mailbox or with a nearby blacksmith shop; for sure you will get a pleasant surprise and they will offer you a wide catalog of options. Do not limit yourself to placing only letters; name your house or put the family name.

2. Decorate your workstation

Decorate your workstation

The personalization of the work area is as important as the care of our own appearance. Being in an environment that we recognize as ours. Others recognize as our own. It is vital to feeling empowered in that area destined for productivity.

Use the cardboard letters to decorate an important focal point in your work area. Either on the wall or on the desk; You can limit yourself to the initials of your name or to a whole word like LOVE.

3. An anniversary arrangement or romantic dinner

Arrange anniversary party with letters

Definitely one of our favorites is the floral arrangement with 3D letters for a dinner or an anniversary. Using the initials of you and your partner in conjunction with real or synthetic flowers. You can create one of the most economical and beautiful centerpieces of all, or a scenography on the wall to take many photos. Of course, it is one of the corniest and circumstantial uses; but it’s worth the effort.

4. Adding personality to your child’s room

decorate child room with letters

Most people use murals or invest a lot of their money in stuffed animals when decorating the children’s room; all in order to add more depth or credibility to the decorations.

However, painting does not always add that depth that is sought. After all, it is not about painting a work of art, but something colorful. Spending on so many toys is not a good idea, not a correct way to use the budget.

However, letters can be used to create interactive games by forming names or keywords. No need to spend on plastic, so you can teach the magic of recycling and take advantage of the materials that are discarded. Create something from scratch using everyday objects that are left aside and a little creativity; that’s a great activity to do with your child

5. Messages in the kitchen

decorate kitchen with letters

The 3D letters have always been part of our kitchen; although in a very light and unnoticed way to be placed on the refrigerator door. With the cardboard letters that we indicate, you can take your decorations with phrases to another level. But cardboard may not be your favorite material, but do not be discouraged. It is a great idea to use letters in the kitchen in jars.

The containers or jars for guarding tea bags or sugar do not have to be cylindrical at all times; whether the container as such has the shape of a letter or, that it is covered with a protector in the form of a letter. You can include all the alphabet in your kitchen in a practical and innovative way. You can keep the classic magnets in the fridge. They are useful to leave quick messages, such as writing what you need to buy in a single word.

6. Letters in the bathroom

decorate bathroom with letters

Recently we discovered an accessory for the bathroom that we thought was great. It is a toothbrush holder that sticks to the wall thanks to a pacifier. The most beautiful thing about this bathroom accessory is its shape, with letters from A to Z. Now you can place the toothbrushes in a more organized way, at a comfortable height for whoever is going to use it and you can avoid confusion.

Not only can the brushes go in the letter corresponding to the initial of the name of each one. Color can also help you differentiate them when it comes to the same letter and to that detail you must also add the height. Definitely a more practical and beautiful option than the typical glass with all the brushes touching the bristles with each other.

7. Talking cushions

cushions with letters

Cushions in the form of letters or cushions with phrases. They are another way of decorating with the alphabet in a very practical way. Take one of your favorite poems or, if you prefer; uses a single capital letter with characteristic colors. So everyone can have a cushion that goes with their personality.

8. Decorate your nails with letters

Decorate your nails with letters

The female nails are a detail that both sexes appreciate when admiring the look of a girl. They do not just talk about your personality. But you can take all that to a new level. Surely he has a favorite book. And surely in that book, there is more than one passage or dialogue that has marked you. Well now, you can transfer those lines of a book to your nails.

9. The perfect decoration for the birthday

Decorate birthday party with letters

The letters are the perfect decoration for the birthday, and not any type of letters. Specifically, those that we explain to you how to create with cardboard. You can also pose the idea of ​​the letters to the animators of the birthday party in case you hire a group of clowns or a magician. They will surely be able to contribute great ideas for didactic games.

10. Letters with lights for events or as night lamps

Letters with lights

Ideal for business or for the office during those reading nights; Large letters with light bulbs have been a sign of glamor and fame for a long time. Just see the image we share and you notice that this decoration with letters with light bulbs is definitely a great contribution to any work of landscaping; They will take a little more work than simple cardboard.

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