Wooden bookcases: furnishing proposals for a modern home

Wooden bookcases. Which wood to prefer? What are the best design tips? How to use them to furnish a modern living room?

Wooden bookcases: furnishing proposals for a modern home

Furnishing a house following the modern style means opting for elements that can reflect a current design. If we talk about furnishing a living room, the bookcase cannot be missing. Choosing a bookcase is important as it represents a real piece of style. Book lovers opt for this element to store the volumes that make a fine show of themselves in front of guests.

There are even books made with the function of furnishing some rooms. Above all, they have a relevant aesthetic value which is expressed with modern, minimalist covers illustrated with patterns and colors with a scenic impact. They are furnishing objects that are customized according to the specific needs of the customer and the room in which they will be placed.

Building and living in a wooden house

In this article, we advise you to make your modern living room unique by choosing a wooden bookcase that enriches the environment. It features simple lines, light shapes, and squared or irregular geometries. It gives the living room elegance, hospitality, and discretion.

1. The wood to be preferred

Wood is a material used in furniture to give a room a distinctive, rustic, and informal look. The type of wood to use for bookshelves depends on factors such as durability, weight, and texture which affect the aesthetic side.

If you want to opt for natural wood, keep in mind that you can prefer a light or dark type. Among the light ones, we find ash, beech, fir, and larch; among the axes there are walnut, chestnut, iroko, and wenge. The color of the wood can be lightened or made darker with an impregnating agent to achieve the shade you prefer.

This material in its natural state is more easily combined with the environment than that treated with a colored impregnating agent because it represents a neutral shade. We, therefore, recommend that you prefer a natural wood bookcase that you can keep in your living room even when you renovate the rest of the furniture.

2. Wooden bookcases: design suggestions

The wooden bookcases find the right place mainly in the living room of a modern house. Their creative design has multiple functions, not just to hold books. They can in fact change the appearance of a room, be an element of union or divide two parts of the environment used for different purposes.

If the bookcase has the function of a dividing element, it is useful for changing the structure of a large living room. Or even separate the kitchen from the living room in an open space, or divide the living area from the sleeping area in a large studio apartment.

In a modern home, wooden bookcases are usually quite large in size, fixed to the wall, and placed on the ground. However, there are also alternatives that tend to renew the design of this classic piece of furniture in a more current key. For refined and original living rooms, the bookcases can be anchored to the ceiling. In this minimalist design, dividing tubular elements act as a book stop.

Another proposal is represented by the modular wooden bookcase which has some open spaces and others closed by panels that create compartments.

3. How to use them to furnish a modern living room

There are some tricks to using wooden bookcases for decorative purposes. In particular, when choosing a wooden bookcase to furnish a modern living room, you must pay attention to the style of the room. In fact, it is important to maintain a stylistic coherence with the rest of the home environment to make it tidy.

A wooden bookcase has the task of improving the aesthetics of the room in which it is placed, optimizing the style that becomes relevant. As a prestigious piece of furniture, it gives value to a modern living room and defines its character.

The shape of the wooden bookcase can vary according to your tastes and help to emphasize the simple or detailed arrangement of the other furniture. A modern and refined living room prefers a large wooden bookcase, quite high, often colored. Lighting a wooden bookcase enhances its beauty and is useful if you want to create a comfortable reading corner.

As for the position of the books, you can change it through a layered composition or you can create contrast between the shapes and colors of the volumes. In this way, the environment will acquire greater interest and depth.

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