Can you crochet on the go?

Did you know that the craft of crocheting doesn’t have to be limited to the home? With a little bit of advanced planning, crocheting can be done on work lunch breaks, on bus and train journeys, and even in the park on a sunny afternoon.

It has been suggested that crochet, known for its “positive benefits for personal wellbeing”, “can play a role in promoting positive wellbeing in the general population”. With this in mind, follow our handy tips for crocheting on the go.

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Select your project

Crocheting on the go can be a delightful way to pass the time during long journeys, or while sitting on the beach. However, if you wish to do this, selecting the right project is important.

Smaller projects are better as they use less equipment and can fit into coat pockets or bags easily. Smaller projects, such as crocheting a hat or scarf, use minimal space and materials, making them ideal for crocheting on the go. Are you looking for crochet kits? Crochet kits are a great way to find a project that suits your needs.

Store your yarn

It is important to store your yarn correctly to prevent tangling from constantly moving around. Placing yarn in a yarn bowl or bag can stop it from becoming tangled with other items. Using a ziplock bag with a small hole for the yarn to pass through is a great idea. This makeshift solution also helps protect your yarn from dirt during your travels.

Motion sickness

Not everyone suffers from motion sickness, but those who do should sit in a forward-facing seat and try to keep their eyes on their crochet project. Some people use motion sickness glasses which create an artificial horizon due to their construction.

Additionally, opening a window for fresh air can help reduce nausea while crocheting. It is important to find the right solution if you suffer from this condition.

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Be organised

Crocheting on the go is only possible if you have everything you need, so make sure you have your pattern, yarn and hooks beforehand.

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