DIY: furniture with recycled wood

From a headboard for the bed to a bedside table. Pallets, wooden boards or doors can have a second chance and be the decorative stars of your home.

We give you  five good ideas to reuse old pieces of wood, such  as  boards, slats or slats, and turn them into headboards or coffee tables. They are simple proposals. You can do them yourself without having to be an expert in DIY. For the most part, you will only have to do a “set-up” work on the raw material, clean it and give it a new finish to get original furniture.

1.  A headboard with parquet pieces. This model of headboard has been made with pieces of a broken parquet floor. The slats have been painted in a range of white and wood tones. The result: a very colorful chromatic mosaic.

The pieces of parquet should be stuck on a wooden board, which will act as a support. The board should be about 16-19 mm thick, the width of the bed and the desired height. You can cut the board

to size with a jigsaw or ask to have it cut in a lumberyard.

So you can do it:

  • First clean each parquet plank and remove the old varnish with a pickling or sanding. You can do it by hand, using sandpaper, or with an electric sander, which will facilitate and make work faster.
  • Remove the dust well before choosing the colors in which you are going to paint each piece.
  • Paint the pieces with water paint of the colors you want. In this example the white has been chosen for some slats and the clear varnish or with a little color in others.
  • You see gluing each piece on the support table with white glue. Form rows interspersing the tones. Do not worry if they stick out on the sides. Then you can cut them out.
  • Finally, apply a final finish with clear varnish.

2. Two antique doors framing the bed. Using doors with aged effect as a headboard is a trend resource. Probably, these belonged to a balcony or an entrance. You can also use simple wooden slats to make it.

Space created by Dreamy Whites – Find inspiration for romantic bedrooms

The attractive finish has been achieved with a technique of “artificial aging” that seeks a style between modern and  vintage . It always looks good because it does not demand perfect execution.

So you can do it:

  • Strip the wood with chemical stripping or sander to remove all dirt and old finishes (varnish, paint, paint) you might have.
  • Then, wash with water and dry well.
  • Apply white enamel to the water without worrying about covering the bottom a lot, as it will be partially visible.
  • Before the paint is completely dry, remove it in a greater or lesser amount (depending on whether you prefer to leave the bottom more or less visible) with a rag or fine-grained sandpaper.
  • Remove the dust. Once dry the headboard applies a coat of transparent wax.

3. A coffee table or for the television. Manufactured with wood, the pallets can be converted into almost any piece of furniture.

Space created by Studio Morton – Discover decorating ideas for renovated classic classrooms

So you can do it:

  • Clean the pallet well, clean it and remove the dust.
  • If you have nail holes or cracks, use wood putty the color closest to the pallet. Apply with spatula, let dry and smooth with sandpaper.
  • If the color of the wood is beautiful, it will be perfect with its natural tone. Just give it a coat of varnish or wax for a more careful finish and to soften the surfaces.

4. Decorate a table for the terrace with stencils. In this example, a pallet has been recycled and converted into a small table for the garden. The model has been decorated with painted signs, which give a different and very modern touch. When finished, place a crystal the size of the envelope so you can use the entire top surface.

Do it yourself: transform a pallet into a garden table

So you can do it:

  • The stencil motif is made with templates that will be used to print words, phrases or motifs that you like. Use an acetate sheet, trace the message and cut out the inside of the letters with a cutter.
  • Place the template on the pallet and with a foam roller and paint of different colors, stamp the decorative words on the wooden boards. Do not wet the tool too much, it is better to review later if necessary.
  • Remove the acetate and the motives will be printed.

5. On wheels. The tables are much more practical with wheels, since they can be moved to clean and even move them to another room when necessary. Placing them is very simple:

Screw the mounting plate to identical distances from the corners. Mark the position of the five holes, pre-drill and then screw with a manual or electric screwdriver.

Finally screw the spigot of each wheel into the center hole of the plate.

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