7 reasons why a minimalist house will make you happier

Few pieces of furniture, little decoration, few things stored in the cupboards. In return, a lot of free space. It is the house as a haven of tranquility

Minimalism at home to be happier

Space is worth money (and more after the housing bubble). But time, too. Affordable housing for a normal salary is getting smaller and smaller. This forces us to measure a lot of what we want to keep so as not to end up in a stifling house. Neither are we willing to dedicate weekly hours to the cleaning of a house full of belongings and memories in the form of photo frames, books or kitchen utensils. Minimalism as a form of housing despite being a still minority current grows in adepts.

It is only necessary to leave behind the attachment to things – or what is the same, to practice detachment. In return, you gain space, time … and a lot of calm.

How to do it? There are two ways. The simplest is to directly make your new home minimalist. Introducing minimalism in your life is ideal, but, of course, it takes more time. You have to select meticulously and throw away, sell or donate what you do not use. Experts recommend going room by room, calmly but firmly and without sensitivity. the minimalist house design is essential.

1. Easy access to what you are looking for.

Has it happened to you that you look for something in the closet, you have to dismantle it and you just do not find what you wanted or find it after half an hour scattering supplies for the entire stay? Lovers of minimalism consider their time to be gold. Long before Marie Kondo came into our lives minimalists already knew that accumulating only serves to obstruct the daily routine. In a room free of clutter everything is the first. And in a wardrobe, much more.

Advice: get rid of what you have not used in the last twelve months. And more if you already have a new substitute. Goodbye to the cassette player, the yogurt maker, and the digital alarm clock. There are many chances that you will not use them again.

2. Ready for the guests.

Do you feel uncomfortable surprise visits because you never have it perfectly collected? The problem disappears if the possessions are reduced to the essentials. A table with a vase, ashtrays and a family of wrought glass statuettes takes longer to collect than an empty one.

Tip: the utility criterion applies. Do not smoke but keep ashtrays in case of visitors come? Two extra sets of hand towels for the same reason? Stop doing it.

3. Constant release

The more you accumulate, the more difficult it is to detach yourself from the past. And more difficult is to visually change what is around you. You have the impression of being forced to always wear the same clothes or to always see the same room. On the other hand, if you clear your house, with moving some furniture it will seem that you stretch space.

Tip: remove souvenirs from the bookstore, the umbrella stand at the entrance.

4. Sensation of amplitude

The house may be small but it will be even smaller if the little space that can be walked on is filled with sidewalks, dressers, triplets or baskets to store old magazines. Do it for the Feng-Sui or for not filling yourself with cardinals for crashing into things: stay alone with the indispensable. the minimalist house design is essential.

Tip: make everything you have in view have a real use. Maintaining a chair in the bedroom to leave thrown clothes is not a necessity. It is the prelude to disorder.

5. Immediate access

There are those who make an inventory of the books or discs they have at home. It is essential when your library or your disco is really extensive. With the digital book, you lose the charm of turning pages, but you save a lot of space. And you’ll access the books in a matter of seconds. The same with the discs.

Council. Do you keep entire magazines in which you are only interested in an article? Why cooking recipes? Scan it.

6. Infinite maintenance

A minimalist apartment can become a warehouse if we are giving room for new decorations, new furniture … You have to be firm: if you already chose to live with less do not let yourself be colonized by new temptations. Also, the less you have, the less you clean. the minimalist house design is essential.

Tip: strictly follow the rule that if something comes in, something must come out. That way you’ll keep the balance. This rule also helps keep you away from compulsive purchases because if you buy new pants you must get rid of another one in your wardrobe.

7. Extra peace of mind

Psychologists warn: disorder or overloaded spaces disturb our calm, we generate stress and hinder concentration. For one thing, Romanesque monasteries were so austere. The less you have insight, the easier it will be to switch off when you get home. the minimalist house design is essential.

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