How to make a wisteria trellis

Create a wisteria trellis to add visual interest to your garden or outdoor landscape. As a focal point, it will grab your attention in the garden. You can use the pruning clippings to build the structure, creating an interesting and rustic design. Use your trellis to support the aromatic flowering vines of the wisteria. As the vines grow, the trellis will become an eye-catching and inviting addition to your garden.

Choose a flat surface to accommodate the wisteria trellis. Remove all debris, including rocks and weeds. Uniform and uniform on the soil surface. With a level, make sure the surface is flat and level before starting the construction process.

Look around your outdoor landscape and woods for old branches to use for your trellis. Hunt down felled tree trunks to provide a sturdy and strong trellis. Young sapling twigs and branches and fresh cuttings from a pruned plant are flexible and can be incorporated into the trellis design. Cut the larger logs to fit the trellis design.

Measure where the trellis will be to help you decide the correct size for the trellis. Contemplate the type of plants and flowers you will grow to determine your ideal height. Create a diagram of your trellis to refer to as you build.

Connect and secure the branches together using galvanized wire and small wooden nails. Cross the branches on top of each other until your trellis reaches your preferred size. At the intersection of each branch, wrap the wire two to three times and twist the ends together for a secure fit. Keep 5 to 10 inches of the underside of the branches to use as the base of the wisteria trellis.

Dig a hole in the ground where you will place the bottom of the trellis. Place the branches in the holes and fill the edges with soil. Press around the base of the trellis to make sure the branches are snug and secure in the ground.

Provide adequate support for the wisteria by attaching 4- to 6-inch rows of wire from the trellis and around the wisteria vines. Use sturdy and durable material such as galvanized wire to provide adequate support for sturdy screws.

Things you will need

  • Rake
  • Level
  • branches
  • Measuring tape
  • Galvanized wire
  • Wooden nails
  • Shovel

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For additional support to the trellis, attach the structure to a garden wall or to the side of the house or garage.


Do not plant wisteria near the gutters because the stems can be invasive and clog the gutters.

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