Types of Loft Conversion

The type of loft conversion that’s right for you will depend on the style of your home, roof height, available space and planning regulations. However, the most important consideration is how you will use your new space. Whether you want an extra bedroom, playroom or office space, designers will create the best loft extension to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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A roof light/Velux conversion is one of the simplest and cheapest types of loft conversions. This is because it only changes the shape of your existing roof space and requires very little structural work. It’s a good option for bungalows and semi-detached homes that don’t have enough headroom for other types of loft conversion. Find out about Loft Conversions Bristol by visiting www.caineslofts.co.uk/loft-conversions-bristol

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Dormer loft conversions are ideal for properties with sloping sides. These loft extensions add a large amount of internal space and typically require less headroom than a velux loft conversion. They can be added to the front or rear of your property and are usually permitted development.

Another type of loft conversion is a mansard roof, which is a popular choice for detached and semi-detached homes that have a free sloping side roof. These loft conversions can be quite expensive and tend to require planning permission.

It’s also possible to add a gable end loft conversion, which is ideal for bungalows and semi-detached properties that have a small sloping roof. These loft extensions allow you to add a significant amount of headroom and are usually permitted development.

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