What to consider when adding an extension?

Building an extension is becoming more popular as people decide to add to their existing home rather than sell it and move to a different house. It is easy to understand why this is a very popular option. It is possible to continue living in your house without having to move. Although you might have builders on site for a short time, this is far less stressful than moving and with the current market making it difficult to afford to move, extending is a preferred option for many homeowners.

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What will you do with your beautiful new extension? Most people add an addition to their home to accommodate a growing household. A couple of extra bedrooms are always useful when you have more children. It is popular to convert an attic, because you do not have to take up any additional land, and you can get one or two extra bedrooms. In recent years, this has become a popular option for home builders. Three-story modern townhouses are popping up across the country. They offer the space to accommodate a large family while keeping footprints small. Loft spaces are the ideal solution for accommodating children, guests or for setting up a home office or playroom. For more information on Cheltenham House Extensions, visit https://baytreehomes.co.uk

Converting a garage into a room is a great idea if you plan to build wing walls on your house. If you don’t use the garage, it is not a good idea. However, if the space would be useful and you could keep your vehicle on the driveway, then converting the garage can work.

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It is a great idea if your garage could be converted to care for elderly or disabled relatives, for example, who struggle with stairs, and require ground floor accommodation. If you have enough space, you could add a bathroom downstairs and a cosy living room. This can increase the value of your home and add more space. Decorating can make a huge difference, even if you have limited space. Use lighter colours to brighten up small rooms and use mirrors to give the impression of more space.

It is important to spend time considering the reasons for the extension before deciding on a plan of action. A clear picture will enable you to better decide who you want to work on the project, which materials to use and how you will design the space for maximum benefit and usage.

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