Mirror decoration 3 easy and beautiful ideas

Mirror decoration

If you are looking for cheap and easy ideas for mirror decoration. Here are 3 easy and beautiful ideas for mirror decoration.

The mirror decoration with paperMirror decoration

What we will do next is nothing more and nothing less than a mirror decorated with paper; yes, although it seems hard to believe, that beautiful decoration is just a simple mirror with paper that any of us can do in our home.

Step by Step

1) You will need a sheet of paper or a paper towel to make the mold and then you will start to make several identical figures but on cardboard. The mold consists of a fold in the middle and then with scissors it is cut from both sides to generate a point.

2) If you cut the folded cardboard, the tip of both sides will be uniform, since it will cut them at the same time.

You must make several petals of one size, then others of shorter length and finally smaller ones

3) Having all the petals already made, we go to the mirror. The same can be of any size that you think convenient, according to what you are looking for. For example, if it is large, the decoration will look like a flower or a sunflower plant. Otherwise, if it is small, its function as a mirror can be unnoticed and simply function as a decorative element. What we do recommend is that it be circular

4) Then, you should turn the mirror and with a pencil and why not with the help of a compass, mark where each white tip will be arranged. Following this step, you should start to stick with vinyl glue. Starting with the smaller ends and ending with the larger ones. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend you to dry each layer of cardboard before placing the next one.

And finally your mirror decorated with paper will be finished and soon to be hung on some wall of the home.

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Rustic mirror

The rustic decoration is almost a devotion for many and all elements that integrate the house, they want to follow the same trend. That’s why today we’ll show you how to make a rustic mirror.

Of course, the mirror is bought in any glass shop at a more than affordable cost, choosing a rectangular shape to facilitate the work. Wood can be obtained from old constructions; This is the one that looks better because it has the worn look of years. But if they can not be ordered in a carpentry shop.

The idea is that the pieces of wood have an aspect of aging. And that they give them a coat of varnish before joining them.

To join them, special nails are used, very small and easy to manipulate. If you want to ensure the union. You can add a metal rod in the shape of “L” at each angle.

For the mirror to be fastened, it must be asked in the carpentry shop to make cracks in the back side of the wood, a little thicker than the mirror, so that the mirror can be fitted and fastened with small rods.

Having done this, you can add two metal hooks on the wooden frame. On the back, that work to hang the mirror.

Measure the distance between one and the other so that the nails are well placed on the wall.

Finally, hang the rustic mirror and the work will be finished. Simple and cheaper than buying one in a store.

The decoration of mirrors with snails and shells

A beautiful mirror can be the simplest way to add style and spaciousness to spaces. So today we present a proposal of a mirror with the frame decorated with snails, stars and seashells, which will undoubtedly create an accent on its walls.

For this, they only need to buy a simple and wide frame mirror to be able to stick on it the elements that can easily be collected on the beach. Such as snails and seashells of different styles and colors. As well as starfish, which will add an additional bonus on your new mirror.

As you can see, it is a proposal that is really easy to carry out and does not require the expenditure of money. Since the only thin,g they will need to buy. In the case they do not have, is the mirror and glue to fix these elements well. your frame. Being a perfect proposal both to brighten up rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

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