Five ways to make a small kitchen feel larger

The kitchen is meant to be the heart of the home. But when it is cramped and overcrowded, the kitchen instead becomes a hernia, a frustration that limits your enjoyment of the space and can lead to poor culinary decisions. But fear not, there are ways of making even the smallest kitchen feel welcoming. In this article, we share the top five with you.

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1. Declutter

Before you can decide how to use your space, you must first be able to see the space. So, remove unnecessary gadgets, clear window sills and counters and throw away out-of-date food and medicines.

2. Let the light in

Clean the windows and ensure that natural light is not blocked by bulky curtains or badly functioning blinds. If a full kitchen refurbishment in Surrey is on the cards, consider upgrading to shiny splashbacks and glossy tiles to achieve a mirror effect.

3. Adjust the layout

Arrange your kitchen in a logical manner, so that you minimise effort when using the space. By incorporating a natural flow, the room will feel more organic and your enjoyment will be multiplied.

4. Upgrade doors and counters

If your kitchen refurbishment Surrey budget allows, replacing outdated doors and counters will breathe new life into your space, creating a visual effect that will entice you back into this previously under-utilised environment.

5. Touch up the paintwork

Not only will a fresh lick of paint make the kitchen feel more loved, but it also allows you to imprint your personality and preferences onto this important room. By making it your own, you will feel more inclined to spend time in it.

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By embracing these five tips, you will be able to transform your previously crowded kitchen into your new favourite room.

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