White kitchens with island, with well-used space, distributed in different formats, intelligent, full of ideas and solutions; but also modern and beautiful, very beautiful. So are these white kitchens. All with an island, that we have prepared for you to take good note of all their solutions. And ideas, and choose the best design for your kitchen.

White kitchen with central island in white

White kitchen with central island in white

All white, including the counter top, except the sill that has been covered with wood and the hood integrated into the false ceiling that precedes the vaulted original.

The island is practical and functional. Since a table has also been added, converting this large galley kitchen into a dining kitchen.

Wide, huge and traditional. In this large white kitchen with a classic design, the pillar was used to build the island of the kitchen, mimicking the pillar. And reducing the visual impact it has, as well as making the most of the large space available.

White kitchen with island under a multicolored ceramic floor

A superb project of the Abracadabra Decor studio, which has a kitchen in L and white in general terms, with island and very bright. The white kitchens cabinets with relief give the wood. And the installation more presence and also a more welcoming touch than the smooth ones.

The rest, finished in light wood and all framed by a multicolored mosaic of ceramic tiles of modernist style, beautiful.

Designed by the Studio Arils Studio, this Scandinavian design kitchen is located in a house that was previously an old factory. Hence its peculiar roof to a slope.

Ceiling and wooden floor frame a white modern kitchen with white straight lines. And central island. Even the counter tops on the island and galley kitchen are white; as well as the right Tom Dixon lamps. In white, that we can buy in white kitchens or black kitchens.

Modern kitchen, white and with island

Designed for a single-family house by the Voila studio, this magnificent galleried kitchen with island. Open to the living room, is perfectly integrated into the space thanks to its straight lines design and matt white finishes.

It is the small details such as the sink under the counter top that finish off with superb good taste this white kitchen with island, modern and sophisticated.

Designed by the Verse studio in white and wood. The kitchen itself is white: cabinets, furniture, appliances, counter tops. And island, which keeps the fires with the extractor hood embedded in the ceiling. The rest, the walls in warm wood, creating a kitchen of modern design very balanced.

White kitchen with island in classic style

With a more generous size, this kitchen with island designed in white kitchens except the wood that makes bar, has a central island that houses both the sink. And the area of ​​fires with the bell in steel above.

A large kitchen designed by Paula Rosales, L-shaped and part dining area with a central kitchen island that has storage space on the sides and a large area to work.

In white and wood, this bright and spacious kitchen has a large central island with sides and white counter top. Which houses the fire area and a bar. The rest, furniture in wood and counter top and top cabinets in white lacquered.

It is not only white. This other kitchen with island is divided between the white of some cabinets. And the counter top and the wood in light tones of another good part of furniture and island. An island that has a large works pace to prepare food. And cook, as it houses the fires, as well as an extension to turn it into a practical bar.

All white, including the island with a prolonged counter top to create a bar with two stools. On the island there are cooking fires. As a magnificent decorative detail. The wall area where the vertical garden is with aromatic and culinary plants.

Once again, the studio is responsible for designing this fantastic white kitchen with a central island. A generous island in volume that serves for storage, work space and eating area. All framed in the modernist floor of the middle of the kitchen.

This other kitchen in U format, wide and bright, designed, in white, with the wooden top to match the floor. The central island, completely white, houses the fire zone and the bar.

Rustic white kitchen

Located in an attic, the beauty of this kitchen designed, resides in each point of it. From the framework of wooden beams. And ceiling, to the kitchen itself, designed in white, with an island with bar, and dining table, the wooden floor, or the black accents of the stools, chairs and lighting.

This spectacular white kitchen with island, designed. In addition to its modern design of straight lines, all in white and the beautiful concrete floor, has direct communication with the garden.

The island, which also acts as a bar with three stools, has a sink and a large area for working. And / or eating.

These white kitchens with island are a great source of inspiration to design your own. Modern, with good taste and designed in several different styles so you can find the one that best suits your style, which, by the way, I would like to know what it is. I read you in the comments.

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