Prefabricated pool house-Having a pool in the garden at home is the dream of many of us. And although it still requires space to install it and some economic outlay, nowadays we have it much easier to enjoy one, even those who live in a rental house. Thanks to the prefabricated pool house. Come with me and discover these 8 reasons to choose a prefabricated pool that I have prepared. And get ready to enjoy yours, in a very short time.



One of the biggest advantages or reasons to choose a prefabricated pool house is the economic savings it implies compared to a concrete or construction pool.

Naturally it depends on several factors, such as the size of the same and the location. But, in general, a prefabricated pool house is between 10% and 20% cheaper.


Yes, yours is that the installation of the pool is done in spring, so that when summer comes you can fully enjoy it. But for different reasons that are irrelevant, you have planted in the middle of summer and want a pool, now. Already. Well with a prefabricated pool house you can have it.

The only “work” that is required is to excavate the hole to introduce the pool. Which begins with a previous redefinition that the contracted professionals will do.

From the redefinition to the coronation or auction of the pool.  Going through all the intermediate steps such as plumbing, assembling the structure. And stabilizing the bottom, in most cases it takes 5 or 6 days.

That is, in less than a week, you can be bathing in your pool. As long as the company you hire can serve you and not put you on the waiting list.

That is another, always rely on qualified professionals who know what they do. If not, you may not save time or money. Find a trusted company and let yourself be advised by them.


It is true that the materials that are used to manufacture the classic construction pools. Such as concrete, are extremely resistant and durable. But the prefabricated swimming pools that are manufactured with polyester coated with fiberglass, using the latest technologies. And in which we take into account weights, torsion characteristics, contraction. And controlled and optimized resistances, they also guarantee us the passage of the years without any problem.

The two systems, work and prefabricated, are equally valid. It all depends on the professional you hire. How the installation is executed and the materials used. If these three factors are of quality, both the construction pool. And the prefabricated one will work perfectly for years.

Naturally, there are people who have had bad experiences, both with a construction pool. And polyester. But that is due rather to the lack of professionalism of the contracted company or the poor quality of the materials used during the process than to the pool model itself.

A very important factor to consider, since the budget for the repair of a pool can range from 8,000 to 16,000 dollars.

In addition, polyester pools have a relatively simple repair. If over the years ours begins to give us some kind of problem.


The first is that if you move and you want to take your pool with you, you can do it. Naturally, first you have to take it out, doing a small job of excavating and removing it. But you can take it as you take all the furniture from your home: In a specialized truck, in this case, in swimming pool transportation.

The second is that if you live rent and the landlord or owner lets you install a pool, when you leave, you can remove it. And leave the garden as it was. It is not a simple process like removing a painting and packing it for the move. But there is this possibility to be able to make use of it.


One of the great advantages of choosing a construction pool. Without a doubt is the high degree of customization in terms of shape and size offered.

It is true that the prefabricated pools do not reach that level. But it is not necessary either, since there are currently many different models that adapt to our demands. As well as many sizes that usually go from small pools of 2.75 x 1.75 meters , up to a maximum of 11 x 4 meters x 2.10 meters deep.

This maximum is imposed by the transport of the pool. Since moving a larger package entails several safety problems and permits.

Naturally we can also choose the color, some drawing, the finishing or crowning of the pool and the location of the staircase, to make it completely personalized.


The prefabricated pools have the option of equipping them with different systems, which make it a very versatile element.

In addition to the different finishes, colors or stairs in the glass, there is also the possibility of choosing pools with automatic covers that protect the pool during the winter or when there is a meteorological change, and, of course, acting as a secure security system for children.


In addition to having the possibility of installing it in a rental house, if the right conditions are met, the prefabricated pools also offer other types of facilities, such as attics, since polyester is a very light material, which is practically not brings weight to the deck.

There is also the self-supporting swimming pool, a type of prefabricated pool house in which there is no need to excavate the hole or installation of plumbing, but only fill it as a removable pool, without the need for any work.


Depending on the model of prefabricated pool house or the location of it, you may not have noticed any savings, compared with a work, but in the long term, prefabricated pools are a savings.

In the first place, a polyester pool guarantees a water tightness for life, while a non-work pool.

In addition, there is an economic and energetic saving in the maintenance, since less chemical products are consumed that would be used in construction pools, depending on what material they are manufactured or coated, an issue that deserves special mention.

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