Preparing for Winter – What to do in your Home

Winter is nearly here, and the days are getting shorter. Although the change in the seasons doesn’t have as much effect on the way that we live as it did for our ancestors years ago – with our electric lights and warm homes, we are able to enjoy light and warmth all year round – it does mean that we do have some changes to our lifestyle, as we can’t ignore the shorter days and the worsening weather.

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Being in tune with the seasons also helps us with our mental wellbeing – being prepared for the winter and all that it brings is a good thing and it will help us to get through these challenging months not only with ease but also helps us to enjoy and appreciate them. At this time of the year there are many practical things that you can do in the home to prepare for the oncoming winter – here are a few of them…

Get in the Garden – The garden is not something that gets much attention in the winter – with the hot summer days and the beautiful blooms long gone, now is a time for nourishing the garden and preparing for the months ahead. Practical tasks include making repairs to anything that needs it – fences and drainpipes are particular things to focus on, as the winter weather can wreak havoc on both. You can also spend some time planting bulbs ready for the spring. Daffodils are great to plant as they come in many varieties, can be planted easily in tubs and pots or straight into the ground, and come the spring they bring some early cheer to the garden as a symbol of the return of better weather.

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Sort out the Wardrobe – Clothing is something that of course needs to be changed to be ready for the winter so what better time for a wardrobe clear out. Go through the wardrobe and sort it out – removing clothes that you no longer wear to prevent clutter from building up. You can recycle old clothing or donate it to a charity shop. You can then identify whether you need new clothes for the winter – treat yourself to some cosy winter clothing like this Superdry menswear from EJ Menswear to get you through winter looking your best and wrapped up warm!

Make a Cosy Space – Having a space to get away from it all and enjoy being warm and cosy in the home is important. Creating this space ready for the winter can really help you to unwind after a long day. Have a de-clutter and clear out what you don’t need. You can get some cosy throws and blankets too, to make the space even more comfy, as well as some low lighting – perfect for those winter evenings when the weather outside is terrible!

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