Brown Planters and Pots: A classical choice

Brown Planters and Pots

The brown planters and pots are something that all we want to grow plants must have, especially if we have no garden or garden, or if we want our home to have more color and more life. In them, the roots can develop and fulfill their function, which is none other than to absorb the water and nutrients dissolved in it so that the plant can feed and grow.

You can find many variety of planters on and you should also keep in mind that these containers are not just objects to have our flowers, cactus or any other type of plant, but they can also be very decorative. For this reason, I’ll tell you how to choose the pots to decorate so you have a patio, terrace or house where all the elements combine perfectly.

Brown Planters and PotsBrown Planters and Pots

What types of brown planters and pots are there?

In nurseries you will find several types of brown planters and pots: plastic, ceramic, terracotta … Let us know what their main characteristics are …

Terracotta brown planters and pots

Terracotta is a very decorative material. But they only resist soft frosts and break very easily if they hit or fall to the ground. Despite its drawbacks, it is highly recommended as they combine with any plant.

Plastic or resin brown planters and pots

Plastic or resin pots are tough and economical. They have the advantage that since they are not porous, they keep the substrate much more humid, although this implies having to throw river sand, volcanic clay or similar in the bottom so that the drainage is fast.

The plastic has some drawbacks, since it is discolored if it is in the sun and it looks artificial, but nowadays we find imitations of clay and terracotta that really are worth it.

Stone or concrete brown planters and pots

If you are looking for pots that last for many years and that are also phenomenal anywhere, I recommend the stone or concrete pots. The only drawback is that they are very heavy to move, but that can be an advantage in places where the wind blows with great force.

How to decorate with pots?

Now that we know what types of pots there are, it’s time to know how to decorate with them. The important thing is always to make sure that everything combines, therefore, it is convenient to take a look at everything we have in the area where we want to put the pots and see what colors are predominant.

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