Progress Residential Reviews: Are They Worth the Trust?

Progress Residential Reviews: Are They Worth the Trust?

Progress Residential is a major provider of single-family rental homes in the US, with a portfolio of over 95,000 properties located in desirable neighborhoods. If you’re considering renting from them, you may be interested in knowing more about the company’s reputation. However, online reviews of Progress Residential are mixed, with varying opinions and experiences reported by tenants. I have dug into Progress Residential reviews across the internet to break down the key positives and negatives former and current renters describe. I’ll overview common praises and complaints, explore some additional things to think about, and provide actionable recommendations if you do decide to move forward with them.

My goal is to summarize the unfiltered tenant experiences with Progress Residential so you can determine if they seem like a trustworthy option for your rental needs.

The Good: What Past Tenants Like About Progress Residential

The Good: What Past Tenants Like About Progress Residential

While Progress Residential gets their fair share of negative feedback, they also receive stellar reviews from many renters. Here is an overview of some of the most commonly highlighted positives about the provider:

Spacious, Modern Homes in Nice Areas

One of the most frequent compliments paid to Progress Residential pertains to their available inventory. Reviewers on sites like Google, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau describe the homes as “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” and “immaculate.”

Specific aspects highlighted include:

  • Spacious floor plans with open concept kitchens and living rooms
  • Quality finishes like granite countertops and luxury vinyl plank flooring
  • Full amenity packages including central air conditioning and stainless steel appliances
  • Lots of natural light from plentiful windows

Beyond the homes themselves, various renters note appreciation for the neighborhoods and locations Progress Residential offers. Several describe liking the “quiet” and “family-friendly” communities with parks, trails, and high-rated schools nearby.

If having a beautiful home in a desirable residential community is a priority, Progress Residential receives many thumbs ups in this department.

Convenience of Technology Systems

In an increasingly digital era, convenience and ease-of-use provided through online systems is valued across industries. From banking to food delivery to transportation services, tech-enabled experiences are often winners with consumers.

Progress Residential aims to deliver simplifying technology solutions to their rental process through their online resident portal. Prospective and current renters can:

  • Complete rental applications
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Pay rent
  • Submit and track maintenance requests
  • Access statements and other records

Many reviewers describe their technology platform as “easy to use,” “convenient,” “efficient,” and “helpful.” The 24/7 accessibility and organizational powers of the centralized hub earn positive marks.

Of course, convenience factors highly in any rental decision. Progress makes this area a strength, according to multiple renters.

Quick Maintenance Response Time

No property is perfect 100% of the time. Equipment fails, systems need servicing, unexpected repairs pop up. Tenants simply hope that issues get addressed promptly when they do emerge.

Various Progress Residential reviewers happily report maintenance calls handled quickly and capably. One Google reviewer says, “Fast response to all maintenance requests no matter what time of day. Courteous technicians who complete work professionally and thoroughly.”

Others use phrases like “addressed immediately” and “taken care of same day” to describe swift resolution by helpful maintenance crews. These renters felt well-cared for by responsible teams.

Affordable Pricing

Housing costs rank among the largest monthly expenses for most Americans. Whether owning or renting, finding an affordable option centers the decision for many.

Some Progress Residential tenants reveal that they found units rented below market rates in their areas. One notes, “We couldn’t beat the price for what you get: a huge house with a nice backyard.”

Others reference checking multiple listings before going with Progress, sharing sentiments like, “After comparing, the rate was lower than other comparable homes.”

Of course, phrases like “affordable” and “reasonable” remain relative. But for the tenants making these comments, Progress met their standards for price-to-value ratio.

The Bad: What Past Tenants Dislike About Progress Residential

Progress Residential deserves credit for the many satisfied customers decorating their review pages. However, they certainly have room for improvement to bolster their reputation in key areas.

Let’s explore the primary complaints popping up from former and current renters:

Subpar Communication Practices

Perhaps the most unanimous gripe about the rental company comes down to communication breakdowns. At nearly every stage, from initial inquiries to move-out notices, tenants report frustrating interactions.

Most point to ineffective email correspondence. Reviewers on ConsumerAffairs, Reddit, and BBB describe messages sent with no reply for weeks. When answers do come, they find them “copy-and-pasted” or “robotic” rather than thoughtful engagement.

One woman shares her experience after a major maintenance issue on Facebook: “They will not respond to emails. I have sent multiple emails requesting status on having my major issue fixed. No response at all.”

Others mention unanswered phone calls, directing them to a voicemail with no follow-up. Progress needs major improvement in engaging meaningfully with tenants over email, phone, and other channels by most accounts.

Inconsistent and Delayed Maintenance Help

Even tenants applauding Progress’ general responsiveness around maintenance note the teams seem understaffed and over-scheduled. Resolution takes longer during peak request times given limited bandwidth. What should be a few days turns into weeks in some cases.

Further, the maintenance quality itself earns mixed reviews. On Google, a renter in Florida reveals, “We have had nothing but problems with getting them to complete repairs correctly the first time.”

Describing questions around technicians’ qualifications and problem-solving abilities, they finished up stating, “It’s like they pick a remedy out of a hat and hope it works.”

While maintenance woes impact any property company to an extent, Progress Residential struggles with inconsistency and delays above average. Developing skilled, regional teams could better earn tenant trust over time.

Unexpected or Excess Fees

Reading reviews, Progress Residential residents feel nickel-and-dimed in multiple scenarios. Whether upfront costs like application and administration fees or backend move-out deductions, renters dislike surprises and add-ons beyond agreed upon rates.

For example, one woman expresses frustration on Better Business Bureau after discovering pet fees and required renter’s insurance undisclosed until closing:

“They claim that the info is available during the application process, but I read through everything made available to me…no mention of required insurance or exorbitant pet fees.”

Transparency around total costs allows applicants to make fully informed decisions before signing. Progress Residential would benefit from clarity in advertising complete expenses. No one likes budget-busting bait-and-switch tactics.

Problems Getting Security Deposits Back

Security deposits represent a sensitive subject, both for rental companies and tenants. While landlords need protection against property damages, renters rightfully expect return of these funds following move-out minus justified deductions.

Unfortunately, the scales tip too far in Progress Residential’s favor according to many reviewers. Even those reporting pristine condition upon departure share accounts like this one from ConsumerAffairs:

“We left the house very clean with no damage, but they kept our entire deposit claiming carpet cleaning and replacing ALL blinds. We took photos proving none were damaged.”

While legitimate damages should receive reasonable withholding, Progress Residential often goes too far per tenant testimonials. Improving move-out processes could resolve multiple issues.

What Else Should You Consider About Progress Residential?

If you are on the fence after weighing Progress Residential’s pros and cons, a few additional considerations around reviews may guide your decision:

Neighborhood and Property Management Varies

With thousands of homes across almost 40 states, Progress Residential grants local teams significant autonomy. Experiences can range widely depending on property leadership and staff.

A dissatisfied renter in Texas, for example, may face entirely different people, policies, and practices than a happy tenant in Florida. So take broader sentiment patterns with a grain of geographical salt.

Individual Experiences Differ Greatly

Further highlighting localized variability, individual renters in the same community report divergent experiences at times. Take two current residents rating them on Google:

Renter 1: ★☆☆☆☆ – “Do not rent from them!! The house was disgusting when we moved in and after a year and a half of them still not fixing things, we are moving out.”

Renter 2: ★★★★★ – “Great service coordinating my move in. Timely work orders and communications. Would recommend.”

Reviews reflect unique impressions shaped by multiple factors like particular house condition, volume of requests, day-to-day office dynamics, and sometimes pure luck. Balance broad trends with outlier stories when drawing conclusions.

Consider Alternatives Before Committing

No matter the company, experts advise property shopping around rather than impulsively leaping on a rental. Steer clear of emotional attachments as just “loving everything about the house” itself proves insufficient.

Crunch the numbers across available options in your target area with Progress Residential units. Comparison shop price points, amenity inclusions, policy terms, company reputations.

If they offer the best overall deal at the end of your search, advance accordingly. If competitors edge them out, leverage that knowledge in negotiations or look elsewhere.

What To Do Before Renting with Progress Residential

What To Do Before Renting with Progress Residential

Given mixed reviews and experiences reported, I want to offer actionable recommendations for engaging Progress Residential most effectively if you decide to proceed:

  1. Research Thoroughly

Don’t rely solely on company claims or my broad review synthesis here for the full picture. Dig deeper across multiple platforms to gather actual tenant testimonials. Search Progress Residential on Google, Facebook, BBB, Yelp, apartment rating sites, Reddit, and other online forums to read the positives and negatives in renters’ own words.

  1. Ask Questions

Never passively accept terms or assurances without questioning further. Request information from the local office on anything unclear regarding fees, restrictions, processes, or property condition upfront. Clear any points of confusion or concern; eliminate assumptions. Document all answers for future reference.

  1. Verify Everything

When touring the unit, check off every amenity, appliance, system, and finish against marketing claims or descriptions provided. Note defects like carpet stains or cracking grout lines through photos/video walkthroughs. Test all mechanical equipment yourself when signing paperwork rather than trusting all works.

  1. Negotiate Lease Terms

Don’t settle for boilerplate lease language if certain clauses or provisions disturb you. Politely discuss whether concessions exist around length, allowable occupants, smoke policies, subletting rights, etc. Many items prove negotiable with some back-and-forth.

  1. Control Your Records

Do not lose receipts, statements, request orders, or other documentation. Hold the company accountable by maintaining meticulous independent records yourself. Create an organized system for tracking communications, payments, maintenance issues, lease agreements, and additional paper trails necessary.

While not guarantees against problems, these proactive measures equip tenants with evidence and advocacy tools should disputes arise down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How responsive is Progress Residential maintenance?

Responsiveness proves hit-or-miss, if reviews indicate typical experiences. Some renters share positive reports of rapid maintenance turnaround for issues submitted. Others endure lengthy lags having simple requests fulfilled, highlighting inconsistencies.

Does Progress Residential allow pets?

Progress Residential permits common domestic pets at most properties with exceptions based on breed restrictions or local ordinances. However, significant fees apply including pet deposits, monthly pet rent charges, cleaning fees, and potential home damage liability.

How do I pay rent to Progress Residential?

Renters primarily pay online through their tenant portal system via bank account transfer, debit card, or credit card. Alternate payment methods require special approval but may include PayNearMe cash payment, Western Union, cashier’s checks, or money orders.

What are common reasons Progress Residential denies rental applications?

Each property sets their own eligibility standards, but frequently cited reasons for rejected applicants include poor credit history, prior evictions, insufficient income levels, incomplete rental history, or criminal background flags. Provide complete, accurate applications for best odds.

Can I end my lease early with Progress Residential?

Terminating a lease before expiration without penalty typically requires purchasing out the remainder of the term upfront or finding a qualified replacement tenant. Review your contract’s policies, then discuss options for early cancellation with your community’s leadership. Custom solutions may exist case-by-case.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to finding the perfect rental housing, it may be difficult to achieve. To enhance sustainability in the construction industry, it is imperative to consider a holistic approach that recognizes diverse priorities among individual tenants, ranging from budget and location to amenities and processes; much like how progress residential reviews offer valuable insights, these should serve as starting points rather than definitive judgments.

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