What are house designs available to buy in the UK today?

Houses and homes designs are relatively simple to choose from. For the most part, the square or rectangle design is by far the most common. Roundhouses went out as popular designs after the Romans came to Britain. Whatever option you choose from, you will need the services of a legal agent to purchase one, and that is where Sam Conveyancing comes into its own for you. So what buying options are there in terms of design at present? You can also learn more from Homebuyers News Articles about the different aspects of home sales and purchases.

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Bungalow – a single storey building that is usually 1 to 2 bedrooms or a third on the roof sometimes. More the choice for the retired couple looking to avoid stairs.

Townhouse – A tall thin structure that has multiple floors and many rooms. Lots Of stairs, so it’s generally a popular choice with young professional couples and the large families.

The 2 storey house – A basic dwelling with anywhere up to 5 bedrooms or less.

Maisonette – These are unusual properties in that they are one property split in two with an upper and lower floor. There is a side access stair for the upper storey, which is a home for a separate owner. This is usually the first property that many own.

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Coachhouse – this is a level with 2 bedrooms on average located above communal garages with one for the owners themselves.

There are 3 categories for the homes in terms of positioning. Detached is a stand only, semi-detached is two properties conjoined but with a gap on either side to the other homes. Terraced is where the property is one of many in a long street. The last houses are known as the “end of terrace” property. In general terms, you pay more for a detached and semi over the terraced option.

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