The popular Cathedral City of Worcester in the county of Worcestershire

Worcester is a popular Cathedral City in the county of Worcestershire, with a growing population of over one hundred and three thousand, many families are choosing this City as their home.  Flanked by the glorious River Severn on the western side, this beautiful city has its magnificent Cathedral towering majestically over its skyline.  This striking building with its mixture of styles from Norman to Gothic brings into the area many visitors and tourists who add their financial contributions to this already affluent city.

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Unfortunately, this popularity also brings an element of crime and the local inhabitants are now fighting back to ensure their homes and families are safe from the opportunist thieves or hardened criminals.  Many householders are having professional CCTV Installation Worcester installed to make their homes much more secure and deter any would be intruders. These state-of-the-art security systems allow not only peace of mind for the local inhabitants but helps to reduce their Insurance Premium contributions too.  Since as far back as the 18th Century, the Three Choirs festival has been held in the city every third year, the last one being in 2021.

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Even these types of events that are attended by thousands of innocent people, who enjoy the wonderful music, unfortunately attract the would-be criminals to the area.  Having a professionally installed CCTV System not just in private homes but around the city in many business premises means it’s a lot harder for the gangs of thieves to infiltrate these protected locations.

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