What is a Nebuliser Used For?

You might be wondering – what is a nebuliser used for? This article will answer that question. The nebuliser is a device that is used to deliver high-dose medications to people in a variety of situations. While most people use inhalers, nebulisers have some distinct advantages. In fact, nebulisers should be used when the person taking the medication is in need of a large dose. These machines are usually used by paramedics, hospital staff, or by those suffering from a serious disease. Find out more with Clinical Training Courses from Tidal Training

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Nebulisers are used to treat acute lung problems and inhalation of toxic substances. A nebuliser is particularly useful in treating acute cases of asthma or for cystic fibrosis sufferers, since the aerosol delivers the medicine efficiently direct to the lungs. It can be difficult for a patient to breathe normally while using a nebuliser, so it is crucial to get expert advice before using such a device.

While you cannot get a nebuliser on the NHS, you can purchase one online or at a pharmacy. In addition, you can also get nebuliser medication on a prescription from your doctor. The first step in using a nebuliser is to speak with your healthcare practitioner. He or she will be able to tell you exactly what it is for and when to use it.

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Nebulisers are also a good way for people to receive medication when using an inhaler is difficult, such as in the case with babies and young children, as well as those suffering with arthritis, for example.

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