All about white parquet, many tips for choosing this wooden floor

The white flooring has always been a popular finish, loved by those looking for style definitions rich and light. Let’s find out the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses to evaluate the best choice for our apartment.

White parquet: characteristics

When the time comes to choose the floor for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. In fact, the choice is very wide, and lately, the market has been enriched with many proposals.

Just consider the relative supply to the parquet which is complete with many types:  Parquet oak,  Parquet bamboo, and flooring laminate,  as well as there, are various methods of installation that can create a variety of special effects.

Even white parquet can be an interesting discovery, especially for those who want to renovate an environment by giving it a new look.


Those who choose to include white parquet in their living environment, definitely focus on light, or rather on brightness. It is in fact a system that binds the warmth of wood to the ethereal nature of the white color, to give life to light and welcoming floors.

The advantages of white parquet must therefore be sought in the light that this finish is able to bring to the home. In fact, white plays a reflective action and is the ideal choice for those who have small and dark spaces. Small because the white parquet is able to optically enlarge the surfaces and dark because, thanks to the white, the house acquires brightness.


However, white parquet has disadvantages that deserve to be considered carefully. The first is linked to the delicate nature of wood , especially if the material is real and the essences are delicate.

In fact, white parquet requires attention when walking and appropriate treatment so that it can last for a long time and remain as beautiful as the first day.

The second disadvantage is practical and is linked to the white color, that is, it is a material prone to getting dirty and that requires further attention because it does not forgive anything, especially if chosen in a shade of optical white.

And finally, the disadvantages of this product are to be found in the cost, if it is chosen in a natural version. In fact, we know that white parquet requires significant costs (as does parquet of other colors). These vary according to the chosen essence and the surface to be coated and are also and above all linked to the correct installation.

White parquet and styles in the house

By choosing white parquet, the house increases its stylistic value in any case.  The environment becomes welcoming and this decision can define the bedrooms and the sleeping area, but also the living room.

You can also evaluate the parquet in the bathroom, as long as it is suitably treated with protective and waterproof products.

As with other types of parquet, the choices available are many, both in terms of wood types and shapes.

The parquet can in fact embrace the strength of the planks and also come in a shabby version when white approaches gray or butter color, to define the rooms of the house.

Who likes the most solutions contemporaneous can definitely orientate the parquet lists more subtle, but also to the squares or plugs, for a radiant floor and playing with the geometries of different plugs.

Finally, the white parquet can take advantage of the different variations of colors and approach the parquet gray in white ghost, the cream in white butter, or stay peacefully in the natural version minimal of optical white parquet.

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