How to give your home a country feel

When it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere in your home the country cottage feel is one that has increased once again in popularity. More and more people are looking at ways in which they can bring some of the natural world around them into their homes. In some cases this may even be working with Timber Frame Manufacturers to have an entire home built from a material that is inspired by nature.

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Regardless of what your home is made from there are some ways that you can bring a country feel into your indoor space.

Plants – adding plants and flowers to your rooms instantly gives a natural feel to any space. When selecting indoor plants it is important that you think about how much light you get into each room and choose plants that will thrive in those environments.

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Soft furnishings – if you want to create a cosy feel in your home you could add some soft furnishings to the space. This can include using throws and pillows on your sofas and chairs as well as looking at the colours and patterns that are used in your curtains. By choosing florals, nature inspired prints or colours that we associate with nature, you can make your home feel more linked to the outside world.

Colours – when you look at colours to decorate your home you should think of using yellows, blues and greens as these are natural colours that will support a country feel in your home.

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