Bathroom tiles are one of the areas of the bathroom that tend to get dirty and cleaning is not easy at times. We tell you the best tricks and tips to clean bathroom tiles and that the tiles of your bathroom shine.

How to clean bathroom tiles

Types of stains on tiles

As we all know, in the market there are endless products designed to clean the bathroom and tiles, although they usually have a high chemical component, which many people find nothing pleasant. In this case, there are several tricks and solutions that allow us to clean the dirty tiles and bathroom tiles with home remedies, that is, using products that we all normally have at home.

Generally, the types of stains with which we will most frequently come across when washing bathroom tiles are the following:

Fungi and mildew: caused by water and moisture, especially in tile joints.

Rust: they usually come out, also due to humidity, when there are metal parts that are constantly in contact with water.

Soap: very common in the tiles of all bathrooms, inevitably arise unless after each shower we carry out cleaning on the walls of the same.

Lime: especially when the water is hard, the lime it contains accumulates in our bathroom, forming ugly spots that, among other things, prevent the faucet from having the shine that makes it attractive and look like new.

For all these types of stains that we usually see in the tiles of the bathroom and that both disfigure and bother us, there are then homemade solutions, very easy and that allows us to clean them without having to resort to chemical products.

How to clean bathroom tiles with VinegarCLEAN BATHROOM TILES

Vinegar, as we all know, is a great ally at the time of cleaning, and in the case of tiles, we can also count on it. For effective and easy cleaning of our tiles, we must have a vaporizer bottle, which we will fill with a mixture of water and vinegar. With the vaporizer we will apply the mixture in the areas of the tiles that we wish to clean, rubbing with a sponge or a toothbrush. The latter allows us to access the most difficult areas. This mixture can also be used to clean the scale of the tiles and the shower area.

How to clean the bathroom tiles with Bicarbonate

Baking is another of the great allies we find when cleaning difficult stains that may appear between the tiles in the bathroom, and it is also a good option when we have to wash the tiles in the bathroom.

We will start by making a mixture of baking soda with liquid soap, applying it in the area of tiles to be washed. Leave the mixture to act for a while, depending on the intensity of the stains, being advisable in the areas most exposed to dirt, such as the black joints of the tiles, let the mixture work for no less than 10 minutes.

 How to keep bathroom tiles clean

Once the tiles in the bathroom have been cleaned, carrying out good maintenance of the tiles will save us a lot of work in the long run, and will prevent dirt from accumulating, which will save us a lot of effort.

Below is a series of easy to carry out tips, and whose compliance will make our tiles always look clean and shiny.

Ventilate after the shower: This simple act helps a lot to take care of our tiles. Since showering accumulates moisture, which accumulates especially in the joints of the tiles. By opening the windows we will get the humidity to go outside and not to affect the tiles.

Remove the stains: If when we see a stain, whether soap, lime or mold, we remove it at the same time we detect it when cleaning the tiles this will be much easier.

Drying the tiles: The fact of drying the tiles well every time we use the shower is a fundamental requirement so that they stay clean and do not accumulate dirt. To make this task easier it is convenient to keep a cloth in the bathroom to carry it out.

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