The best ideas in elegant and rustic home decor

rustic home decor

Are you considering betting on the rustic decoration style? You would do well because it is a unique and original style with which to decorate your entire home. Do you want to know what their characteristics are? The best way to take advantage of each space? Follow all our tips for the best ideas in elegant and rustic home decor!

Rustic home decor featuresrustic home decor

Rustic decoration can be somewhat more complex than many people think. It is a style of decoration in which you have to follow some guidelines to the letter, and in urban environments, it is not always easy to carry them out.

Colors: Well, in this aspect, it is a bit difficult to make rustic houses with interiors of these characteristics.

A rustic environment requires stones, wood … but there are some dark colors that can be used for the house.

Wood: Wood is one of the key elements in the designs of rustic houses. Wooden roof beams that are visible, wooden furniture, wooden decorative elements … wood floods everything!

Stone: Stone is another of the great features of rustic decoration. In urban centers, it cannot be taken home on the walls but in furniture or decorative elements.

What are the colors for a rustic decoration?

Can’t you afford to have a country house? Nothing happens, you can use some colors for the decoration of rustic houses without many problems.

Earth tones are the most used, but bone, beige or tan tones are also approved. A color like sand, terracotta is the most used, especially in living rooms and bedrooms.

The greens for a living room or the reddish to give some more glamor to the bedroom. Although if the room is poorly lit, then you can bet on the white color.

In order to give the walls a more rustic look, some painting techniques can be used, such as cracking, glazing or sponging.

Another option is to resort to wallpaper so that it looks like the walls are made of stone. Or you could bet on laying tiles, but it is a more expensive option.

Rustic style in the living room, what to do?rustic home decor

Moving the rustic-style decoration to a house in the big city is not easy. But there are certain tricks to get it. Let’s start working in the classroom.

Earth colors or muted

The best for a room will always be earth-like colors, but if you have a well-lit house, and the room is large, you can use more muted colors.

The thing can change a little in the case that the room is small. Here you should look for light earth-like colors or go straight for white. It is one of the best ideas in elegant and rustic home decor.

In rustic house designs, the living room is a simple part to work on, but choosing the right color is complicated.

Furniture with a lot of characterrustic home decor

Here you will not have any problems. Your living room needs furniture that is made entirely of wood and has a lot of character. The TV cabinet, the dining room table, the coffee table …

Everything must be made of wood and look as natural as possible. The same will happen with the sofa, as the legs or skeleton of the structure is better visible.

This does not limit your options at all since there are many rustic furniture adapted to modern times so that everything is well in sight.

As for the hue of the wood, you can choose a natural oak or pine shade. And although imitation wood furniture is attractive, it is better if it is top quality wood furniture.

However, if you don’t like wood very much, you have another solution: to use a wicker. For the sofa, furniture or whatever you want. Wicker is always well received in rustic decoration.

Fireplace, only if possible

Of course, not everyone can afford to have a fireplace, especially if you live in an apartment. But, if possible, why not?

You must give the fireplace an aesthetic of ancient times. That the chimney is brick or has an older appearance with a stone structure.

It doesn’t have to have doors, and if you put them on, let them be made of steel with glass. The perfect element to bring warmth to a room that can be very cold as the living room.

And ideal to gather all-around a good fire while enjoying hours and hours of entertainment in front of the TV.

Pave the ground

You will have to work hard on the floor to get a good rustic-looking room. The first of all is to pave it and the second to acquire tiles that look like natural stone.

Although wood is also well accepted, or to place the parquet, which looks the closest to natural stone is very important to load the environment with a pleasant feeling.

Of course, choose well, because the price can rise quite a bit depending on what you choose.

Play with the decorative elements

That you are going to have a rustic house does not mean that you are going to have to put aside the decorative elements.

On the contrary, in the houses of rustic style, the decorative elements are never lacking. Some handmade ceramic objects, wooden or ceramic vases with some flowers or family photos wearing the walls. It is one of the best ideas in elegant and rustic home decor.

All this will create a good atmosphere in your living room, which will make you love being in it.

Is it difficult to create a room with rustic decoration?

Is it possible that, when thinking of a rustic-style bedroom, do you think about the rooms of your grandparents’ houses? Quiet! Today you can get something modern using rustic decoration.

Wooden furniture, the most importantrustic home decor

Either because you are going to use this style as another, do not fool yourself, natural wood is always the best material on the market. In the interiors of rustic houses, wooden furniture is a key piece. And in your bedroom, they will be too.

A large closet with legs, nothing that reaches the floor, with the swing doors. A large dresser, a couple of bedside tables … all matching.

Something simple to get, since in stores you can get a full bedroom for very little money. The thing changes a bit when buying a bed. It is one of the best ideas in elegant and rustic home decor.

The ideal for a rustic bedroom is that it has a wooden structure. For example, if you buy a couch, it has to look like wood, or at least have a coating.

If you buy a box spring, better be covered by wooden shelves that support your mattress.

Whether or not having a headboard already depends on the taste of each person. In this case, the metal grid headers are accepted, but it will always be better, with the rest of the furniture, one made of wood.

What is the best color that fits with a rustic bedroom?

It is difficult to decide. In the case that the room is in the darkest part of the house, or is very small, do not think twice: choose a color like white or green.

It will bring more light to the room while creating the false feeling that the bedroom is larger.

If it is quite wide, since you will buy light furniture, you can play with the darkest earth or beige colors. This will create a good contrast. It is one of the best ideas in elegant and rustic home decor.

Anything special to do with the roof?

Doing something with the roof already depends entirely on the owner. It is clear that to take the style of decoration of rustic houses to a townhouse you have to work.

But in the case of the roof, there is enough freedom. The rustic home decor is usually bet on sloping ceilings or that these have some wooden elements, such as beams.

Perfect, especially, for the children’s bedrooms that will give them an attic appearance. Make no mistake, you are not required to do so.

However, it would be an interesting bet for decorating your home. Surely you impress more than one person.

The kitchen, is it difficult to have it with rustic decoration?rustic home decor

Do you remember that time when you went to the country and enjoyed sitting while your family cooked in that kitchen that looked so peculiar? Now you can take her home!

Wood everywhere

In rustic interior decoration, working in the kitchen is something that can be very simple or become a real hell.

Let’s start with the furniture. This has to be completely wooden and be natural. It is accepted that white is combined with the natural color of the wood, but only if the countertop will be a natural color.

The cabinets have to have glass doors, so you can see what is inside. These should be the dishes and glasses. The cabinets at the bottom can have a closed door.

Having any decorative element is good, as signs that have been made on the wood. Some irregular or embossed shapes, to give a more original touch to your rustic kitchen.

What kind of appliances to buy?

Currently, it is easy to find deals on appliances that, although they use modern technology, look like those from 60-70 years ago.

It can be very interesting to bet on them inside rustic houses. But it is not mandatory. You can have a kitchen with modern appliances, but these are white.

Steel would break the harmony of your home a little. In the case that you are going to have a dishwasher, it is better that it is camouflaged with the rest of the furniture (with a wooden door).

Or it would end the charm of your rustic kitchen.

Floor and walls, what to do?

Here you have much more freedom than you would have, for example, in the bathroom. You have two options;

The first would be to build a simple kitchen, with tiles in light colors such as white or a very light earth color.

These may have some decorative elements, such as flowers or vases. The floor should look like wood, or be tiles that simulate the stone.

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