The top 10 trends in lighting

The light reflects tranquility and gives warmth to our home. There is a wide variety of designs of lamps and models in the market, from the most avant-garde styles, through the industrial touches to the more classic lamps with renewed airs. Would you like to know the latest lighting for your home for this season? So, take note, because in this post we present the top 10 trends in lighting.

materials such as wood, marble or metal will be the protagonists and will also leave a mark on the lamps. The lighting is no longer merely a practical element, but it becomes more relevant between our decoration and becomes a totally aesthetic object that will help us to finish configuring the style of our home. So if you want to finish giving that decorative touch you are looking for, here are the 10 trends in lighting for this next season.

With industrial air

The lamps with industrial touches reflect that modern style and something more carefree that on many occasions we look for our spaces. Materials like iron or steel in the black break with the decoration of our home to create unique environments. trends in lighting are essential.

Large bulbs and insight

The light bulbs in sight are pure inspiration . Of ceiling or table, this type of lamps are very aesthetic and decorative . Because of their simplicity, they adapt to most styles and spaces, letting the imagination play with different options and ways of placing them.

Marble a very top element!

We are seeing it everywhere. In furniture, kitchens, mobile or laptop cases, printed in notebooks … and also in lamps! And it is not surprising, because marble gives a touch of elegance and distinction to each piece in which it is applied. One of the trends in lighting more characteristic of this new season. trends in lighting are essential.

The prominence of copper

Along with marble, copper also gains ground among the lighting trends for this new season. Only in small details or simply as a unique material, conveys warmth and innovation.

Back to the classics

Glass and steel will never go out of fashion in lighting. The classics reinvent themselves, creating new, more modern and minimalist lamps. trends in lighting are essential.

The mix of materials in the purest Nordic style!

The mixture of light wood with lacquered in pastel or dark colors is its flag. Its design reflects natural materials, revealing details such as the Maya of wood.

Vanguard and design

The avant-garde lamps and pure modernist design, also remain key in the decoration of our home. With minimalist structures, loaded with style and personality, they are one of the options we like the most. trends in lighting are essential.

Geometric trends

In the form of a diamond or a triangle, geometric lamps also fit into our top 10 trends in lighting. Whether standing, ceiling or table, metal finishes such as copper or steel, combined in some cases with glass are very fashionable.

A disorderly order combining shapes!

Do not be afraid to combine different models. Let your imagination run free and create from the designs that you like the most. At different heights or with different shapes, you can get combinations as impressive as these! trends in lighting are essential.

Table lamps, the latest trend in lighting

Creating points of light in different areas of our home will bring warmth. To do this, use table lamps. There are endless models and designs that you can place, for example, on your bedside table.

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