Why have a Bespoke Fitted Kitchen

When a homeowner decides to have a fitted kitchen installed into their home, they are faced with the decision of whether to have an ‘off the shelf fitted kitchen’ or a ‘bespoke fitted kitchen’. Whilst ‘off the shelf fitted kitchens’ are pre-designed kitchens which come in a variety of styles, ‘bespoke fitted kitchen’. Whilst ‘off the shelf fitted kitchens’ are pre-designed kitchens which come in a variety of styles, ‘bespoke fitted kitchens’

Can be made completely to order, effectively giving you the freedom to design your kitchen yourself.

There are numerous reasons people opt for having a bespoke fitted kitchen and if you are finding it difficult to decide whether to have an ‘off the shelf fitted kitchen’ or a ‘bespoke fitted kitchen’ installed in your home, take a look at several reasons why many opt for a bespoke fitted kitchen.

A style to suit your individual taste

You may have spent hours musing through the kitchen department in home improvement stores or flicking through the pages of kitchen catalogues and not one kitchen design has taken your fancy. Having a bespoke fitted kitchen essentially gives you the freedom to craft a fitted kitchen that will suit the individual taste of your family and your home.

From choosing the cupboard door handles, to deciding which material you want the finish to be made of, bespoke fitted kitchens are custom built to your own personal specification. Therefore the chances that you will end up with a kitchen that you are not 100% happy with are extremely slim.

Built to cater for your individual purposes

When it comes to cooking in our kitchens, we all have our own style and rituals when it comes to preparing and cooking meals.

Having a bespoke fitted kitchen enables you to design your kitchen with your individual requirements in mind. For example, if you have young children then the idea of positioning cutlery drawers well out of reach may be a priority. Likewise, having plates and bowls close to the kitchen table to make laying the table quicker may be a requirement that you can achieve by having a bespoke fitted kitchen.

A truly unique kitchen

Your home is unique and you want to keep it that way. If you opt to have an off the shelf fitted kitchen, you run the risk that umpteen neighbours will have the same kitchen. Having a bespoke fitted kitchen eliminates that risk, for the simple reason that you have designed your kitchen to your own individual look and taste.

A luxury kitchen experience

Whilst bespoke kitchens generally cost more than off the shelf fitted kitchens, the former exudes a certain style, opulence and luxuriousness the latter will rarely achieve. Bespoke kitchens reflect the personality of your home and family therefore you can control the warmth, elegance and character of your kitchen.

Achieve simplicity

There is nothing quite so defining and breath-taking as a kitchen radiating simplicity. Bespoke fitted kitchen designers will navigate you through each step of creating a kitchen that you will be 100% happy with, because after all, being the heart and soul of your home, your kitchen deserves it.

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