10 tips to decorate a small room

Follow these tips to make your room look neat and attractive in a small space.
Having a reduced home is no excuse for not having a room that dazzles. With simple keys, you can make this space look much more spacious. Follow these tips to decorate your room in a small space so that nothing looks crowded. small room decoration is essential.

1- Use modular furniture that provides movement to the room. Some can even serve as storage.

2- Choose a similar color in curtains and walls, this way you will create an opening sensation. Dark fabrics can reduce the room.

3- If possible, eliminate dividing walls and unify environments such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

4- On the walls opt for wallpaper with vertical lines to make environments look taller.

5- In an environment of 2.75 m wide, the length will be depending on the amount of area that you want to assign. Handles a minimum of 3.3, m.

6- The carpets will help you demarcate specific spaces that could be the living room and dining room. Use the rectangular ones in this area and use the round models in corners. small room decoration is essential.

7- Incorporates wall to wall mirrors without frames. Dress a front wall with these elements to visually increase the space.

8- The smaller the furniture, the larger the space will feel. Opt for comfortable furniture, linear shapes, and few dimensions. small room decoration is essential.

9- Dress the walls with medium, square or rectangular pictures so that space feels light. Do not saturate the walls with shelves.

10- Use the white on the walls and all the shades that derive from it. The roof must be white to provide a greater sensation of height.

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